Occupational Tax & Licensing

Submit applications via:

A. Regulatory:

  1. Liquor License Application Check List:

    The City of LaGrange utilizes the following check list when reviewing an application for alcoholic beverages Clearly understand the guidelines set out in the City of LaGrange's Ordinance for obtaining a Liquor License. Click on the Link below, and if your business meet the requirements, then Click and get the check list, to start your process.
  2. Liquor License Application for Alcoholic Beverages:

    Complete application in its entirety, and provide all information and/or documents requested.
  3. Regulatory Beer Á Wine Application:

    Complete this application for Beer or Wine Only. (Tax Map Description will be completed by city personnel). Applicants must submit a full listing of all partners and corporate officers, if the company is incorporated.
  4. Consent Form:

    This document authorizes the City of LaGrange to conduct a background search for the applicant applying for a regulatory license. This document must be signed and notarized. Applicant may elect to deliver, mail, or e-mail (e-mail to blslicense@lagrange-ga.org )form to the City of LaGrange.
  5. ATT-17 - State Beverage Alcohol Personnel Statement:

    This form must be completed and submitted with the Determination Application for Alcoholic Beverages. ( Must be submitted with your Liquor License Application. )
  6. Special Use Applications, Group:

    Please complete this form, answer the questions completely and submit the Application to the Department of Community Development, Permits & Business Licenses, for approval. If your application is disapproved, you may contact the Board of Planning and Zoning Appeals, 200 Ridley Avenue, LaGrange, GA 30240.
  7. Regulatory Business License Application:

    This application is used for poolrooms, pawnshops, transits and any other businesses that the City Council determines as regulatory. Applicants must complete this document in its entirety, with the exception of the tax map description; this will be completed by city personnel. In the event this application is approved by City Council, the applicant will be notified to complete an Occupational Tax Information Sheet and Business Registration Form. The form will be utilized to issue the Certificate of License.

    The City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month to review request for Regulatory request. All request should be submitted a minimum of seven (7) days prior to council review.

B. Occupational

  1. Sec 30-20-20 - Events:

    The event permit application shall be filed with the department of community development and shall be approved or disapproved by the city manager, or his designee, within fourteen (14) days of the filing of a complete application.

    Complete application in its entirety, and provide all information and/or documents requested. The application must include the name of the caterer, together with his license number; the date, time and duration of the event; the name and address of the event host or sponsor, and, if different, the address of the location where the event will be held. The application shall be signed by the licensed alcoholic beverage caterer and the event host or sponsor. If the event host or sponsor is not the owner of the property at which the event will be held, then the owner of the property, or the owner's authorized agent, shall sign the application consenting to the distribution of alcoholic beverages at that location

    Applications shall be supported by evidence of required licenses in good standing. For more information in reference to this application please see Sec. 30-20-20. Alcohol caterers; event permit for catered functions.
  2. Solicitation Rules:

    Sec 35-3-1 - Definitions:

    For the purpose of this code section, solicit shall mean to request an immediate donation of money or other thing of value from another person including employment, business or contribution or to request the sale of goods or services.

    Sec 35-3-1 - Solicitation within vehicle travel lanes; age restriction:

    If shall be unlawful for any person, with or without a permit, to solicit upon or within the public streets or roadways within the city if traffic is moving in the immediate vicinity of the solicitor's location. Solicitation within the travel lanes as allowed herein shall be prohibited for any person under the age of sixteen (16) years.

    Sec 35-3-3 - Penalties:

    Any person who shall violate the provisions of this ordinance shall upon conviction in the Municipal Court of the City be punished as provided in Code Section 1-1-6.

    1. Occupational Tax Information Sheet & Business Registration Form (This form is for new business only not for Renewal):

      If you operate a business in the City of LaGrange, this document is required and is used to register your company with the City of LaGrange. The City of LaGrange assesses a flat tax of $75.00 and administrative fee of $35.00 for any business operating in the City. Additionally, Employment Taxes are paid in accordance with the schedule set forth in the Employment Tax Table. (See Employment Tax Table Below). The City of Lagrange may issue a Certificate to a business after receipt of a lease or proof of ownership for the property they plan to operate from. Additionally, the requesting company may be asked to provide the name of the last known firm to operate from the business location.
      All applicants for Occupation tax certificates/business license given by the City of LaGrange will be required by State law to submit a SAVE affidavit for the license. A copy of the applicant’s secure and verifiable photo identification will be required to be submitted. (O.C.G.A. §50-36-1&2)

      An E-Verify affidavit will also be required each year for each business receiving an occupation tax certificate/business license. (O.C.G.A. § 36-60-6)

      Please review the following for additional information, Occupational Tax Certificate FAQ .

      Prior to the issuance of the Certificate and the completion of the related forms, an applicant must contact the building dept. to schedule an inspection and also the Fire Department at +1 706 883 2659 or visit the Fire Department's web site, and complete the request online to schedule a fire safety inspection. After the business location is inspected by the Fire Safety Department, the applicant will be provided a report by Fire Safety. The applicant must furnish a copy of the fire safety report to the Business License Administrator via fax, e-mail or in person and all forms must be completed in full. The Administrator will review and make a determination.

      Additionally, if an applicant's business includes the preparation and sale of food, the following inspections are also required:

      Health Department: +1 706 298 3702 (Call (10) days prior to anticipated opening date)

      Grease Trap Inspection: +1 706 883 2154

      The applicant is responsible for providing all inspection reports to the Business License Administrator. A license will not be issued without the approvals.

    2. Employment Tax Table:

      The City of LaGrange requires all businesses operating in the City to pay an Employment Tax for employees in excess of four(4). Use the Employment Tax Table to determine the amount due, if any. This amount will be added to the Flat Tax Rate of the Occupational License.
    3. Home Occupation Application:

      Complete the document in its entirety, review the provisions pertaining to the issuance of an Home Occupations License. This request is reviewed and a determination is made by the Building Official or their designee. If approved, the applicant will be issued a Certificate of License, if the request is not approved, the applicant may elect to appeal to the City Council.

C. Insurance:

  1. Insurance Companies Occupational Tax Form:

    Companies issuing policies in the City of LaGrange is required to complete the above referenced document, and pay a flat rate of $100.00. Additionally, the same rate applies for each separate business location.

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