Animal Services Officer

Notice of Job Opening

Date: April 27, 2017

Department: Police

Exp Date: Until Filled

Job Summary

An employee in this position performs routine and skilled work in apprehending, impounding, and caring for animals found in violation of City Ordinances. They also assist in the maintaining of the LaGrange Animal Shelter which houses animals for all law enforcement agencies in Troup County. Much judgment is required as the employee usually works independently of other co-workers. Work is reviewed by the Animal Control Supervisor through observation and evaluation of their job performance. Supervision over other employees is not exercised. The animal control officer is responsible for supervising inmates assigned to the shelter and community service workers who perform work at the shelter.

Examples of Work

  • Responds to 911 calls and citizens’ complaints in reference to violations of the city ordinances relating to maintaining and caring for animals.
  • Investigates complaints; apprehends animals if found in violation.
  • Oversees and ensures the daily feeding and care of animals in shelter.
  • Oversees and ensures the daily cleaning and maintenance of the shelter to include the animal pens and office area.
  • Assists in euthanasia and proper disposal of animals.
  • Picks-up and properly dispose of dead animals in streets.
  • Cleans trucks and takes to Garage for needed repairs.
  • Completes the required paperwork and computer entries for animal adoptions, redemptions and surrenders.
  • Opens and secures the shelter at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Maintains current and accurate records on all animals received and disposed of.
  • Oversees and ensures the grass and landscaping is maintained and properly trimmed
  • Endorses laws and ordinances of the City.
  • Investigates animal bite cases, finds dog owners and orders quarantine if applicable.
  • Impounds dogs that are not penned or under its owner’s control if owner cannot be located.
  • Issued warnings and citations.
  • Takes Court action against violators; appears in Court as witness.

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If you have any additional questions please email or call Stephanie Crowe in the Human Resource Department: +706 883 2037,