School Crossing Guard (PT)

Notice of Job Opening

Date: May 1, 2017

Department: Police

Exp. Date: Until Filled

Job Requirements

Successful candidate will be responsible for performing traffic control operations for the safe flow of vehicles and movement of pedestrians, primarily school children, on a part-time basis. Work is done in the hours immediately preceding the opening and following the close of each school day. Work is performed at school crossings in assigned areas within well-defined procedures and regulations. Work is checked by police officers by spot inspections and through review of records of injuries at crossings. No supervision of others is exercised.

Necessary Requirements

  • Education sufficient to meet the demands of the job, ability to read and comprehend rules and regulations manual
  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • bility to perform the essential functions of the job

Necessary Requirements

  • Certification from Georgia PACED which requires a High School Diploma of GED equivalent.
  • Experience in crime research, crime analysis, law enforcement or criminal records maintenance; or any equivalent combination of training and experience that provides the desirable knowledge, abilities and skills.
  • Be a certified peace officer in the State of Georgia or have at least one year’s experience as a crime analysts or gang analysts within another law enforcement agency, or at least four years’ experience as an intelligence analysts or equivalent with the United States Military.
  • Must possess a valid State of Georgia driver's license.

General Online Application

If you have any additional questions please email or call Stephanie Crowe in the Human Resource Department: +706 883 2037, or Sergeant Mark Cavendar at +706 883 2629,